I have sought out the services Rich Polonsky several times since 2002 and have found him to be straight forward about the refinance process. He is diligent, careful, thoughtful and most importantly, honest. A couple of years ago I moved from the Bay Area to Las Vegas, Nevada. I currently rent my home. and my current 7-year fixed mortgage was about to expire and I didn’t know what my next steps should be. I called Rich because I trusted him to let me know what my possible options were. With Rich’s help my refinance went quite smoothly and I always knew where we were in the review process. The best part of this entire refinance was that I wouldn’t have to take time off work to fly back to the Bay Area to complete any of the required paperwork. The process was all done electronically which was great. When it came time for the final review and sign-off of my finance documents, Rich was able to work with the finance company’s local mortgage branch. The company arranged for their notary public to come to my office to complete the final signatures. I am so pleased with all the assistance Rich Polonsky provided and with great assurance I can recommend him for all your finance matters.